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I'm dedicating this page to a very special friend of mine!!

Here's to You, DJ!!

DJ is the idea behind this page...and I, for one, Loooooove her idea!

So, here's some more of those Hot 'n Sexy Elvis "shots from behind!" that we all love!

What can I say?

This one was sent to me by ***Mike...thanks, Mike!

I came across this one while surfing

Another one Mike sent in...Thanks, Mike!!!

This one was emailed to me from DJ and Mike (Thanks, DJ and Mike!) and it's one of my Favorites! What can I say? OOOO LA LA!!

Here's another great picture sent to me by DJ...thanks, DJ!!

I think this next picture is a "repeat" but who cares, huh? Elvis' back side is Always worth another look!!

This one was sent in by Scottie...Thanks, Scottie!!

I found this one

Should Elvis REALLY be lying down on stage like this????

This next one was emailed to me by DJ and she has Great taste in Elvis pictures!! Thanks, DJ! You have a "knack" for knowing what us ladies Love!!

I found these next two while surfing

The next one is another one Scottie sent to me...keep 'em coming, Scottie!! Thanks!!

This is another one from the '68 ComeBack Special...that's the Very First Time for me to ever lay my eyes on this Gorgeous Sexy Man!! I fell in Love immediately and I've been a fan since!

Another one Mike and DJ sent in...Thanks, DJ and Mike!!!

This one was sent to me by Mike...Thanks, Mike! Great pic!! You know what I like! :-)

Another one I found while surfing

I'm always looking for these type pictures: Elvis from behind is what I call them. I think there's millions of pictures of him from different angles, but the view from the back is my Favorite!

So, if you are out there looking at pictures and you come across any of "Elvis Behind" pics, please email them to me and I'll add them to my "Sexy" page. I'll be happy to give you credit too, so mail those pictures in so I can add to my collection and add them to my page for all of you to enjoy!!

I'll be adding to this page as pictures keep coming my way so check back often!

With the way things are moving along so well, it looks like we're in for a THIRD Hot 'N Sexy Elvis Page! :-)

***I feel I should explain that Mike is our "head writer" at our Elvis NG and although he has a deep appreciation for Elvis and has been a fan for many, many years, he don't share the same "appreciation" for these pictures as us ladies do, but he Does contribute to these pages because he knows how much we LOOOOOOOVE looking at them! And, I'd just like to say a special Thank You to him...Thanks, Mike, for ALL your contributions to these pages and also to the other pages in my website. :-)

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