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This page has nothing but pictures of Elvis wearing his "famous" TCB Glasses.

I'm dedicating this page to a very special friend...Elvira, because she's the one who suggested I do a page with Elvis in his shades. So, here's to ya, Elvira! I hope you enjoy!

If you are more than a casual Elvis fan, you probably are aware that many facts and figures in the Elvis World are at odds with the other facts and figures from someone and/or anyone else. The origin of the TCB Logo is no exception, and we'll examine this before we get to the pictures of Elvis with the TCB Sunglasses on

Here's a sampling of what's been told:
~ Joe Esposito Claims ~ 
That Elvis and Priscilla decided on Taking Care of Business as the logo for the Memphis Mafia and Priscilla designed the medallions. Also, the lightening bolt was a Mafia symbol that meant ? Do It Quick ?

~ TCB Necklace ~
The TCB Necklace was designed by Elvis and created by a jeweler in Los Angeles

~ Lowell Hays ~
Lowell Hays, a local Memphis jeweler made the original TCB jewelry from 1970 to 1977

~ Lamar Fike ~
? Claims that Elvis chose the lightening bolt solely because it was the insignia for the West Coast Mafia ?

~ Lee Ablesser ~
? It was Sol Schwartz's partner, Lee Ablesser, who designed the TCB neck charm that Elvis gave away to friends and people who worked for him. Sol says he sold Elvis 500 of the chains and charms, and another 500 charm bracelets ?

~ Marty Lacker ~ 
? Claims the lightening bolt was incorporated into the logo because of the phrase In A Flash

~ ? Only 13 of these TCB pendants were made, 12 for his friends, and one for himself. Then the molds were broken. Lowell Hays still uses the original molds to make TCB jewelry. You can visit Lowell Hays Website and read many stories about Elvis and the jewelry

The TCB SunGlasses

{Replicas continue selling 27 years after his death.} He can't hide that gorgeous, beautiful face of "Shines" right through, and if it's possible, I think he's even more handsome with the glasses on. It gives him a "Special" look

The SunGlasses Elvis wore with the TCB logo on the side were made by Dennis Roberts in Las Vegas. There is, of course, some dispute as to who first designed and created the jewelry, and Roberts further clouds the issue regarding his role in things. He may have designed only the TCB logo as it was incorporated onto the SunGlasses. Some even say Roberts was Elvis' optician ? Articles supposedly were written in magazines such as People, Time, Newsweek, US, Playboy, Esquire and Fortune Magazines. Also, stories were written in the National Enquirer, the New York Times, the Chicago Daily Times, California Business, the Los Angeles Times and newspapers around the world. Roberts says he designed Elvis' eyeglasses from 1970 thru 1977

? Dennis has returned from a 15-year retirement and is now making Celebrity Eyewear and Jewelry, as he did before his retirement, as he did for his celebrity clients from 1965 to 1985. Remember, these are "Originals" and NOT copies or reproductions. He's using the exact same molds that he designed and made for Elvis some 30 years ago

These Are The Rolls Royce Of SunGlasses!

***ADDED 09/25/04***
Thanks, Elvira, for this picture!

This was taken aboard the Lisa Marie after his New Year's Eve performance in Pontiac, MI, on Dec. 31, 1975

This is an odd picture. It looks like a Police Mug Shot

And here's another Strange Looking Picture

Now, did you notice I didn't say Ugly or not even good looking? I simply said "strange" which in no way implies I think Elvis is not good looking in this picture, because I do! As a matter of fact, I've NEVER seen an UGLY picture of Elvis and I don't believe there's one in existence

In this next picture, Elvis wore these TCB Glasses while riding in the back of the limo during the filming of the documentary "Elvis On Tour."

Check Elvis

Thanks, Elvira, for sending this picture to me to add to this page. Lovely addition! :-)

If you enjoyed this page and would like to see more, just email me the pics of Elvis wearing his shades and I'll certainly be happy to add them to this page